Coronavirus | Liewer Funeral Homes



·        Effective Immediately

*From Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services

“The purpose of this document is to provide guidance for social and public gatherings in Nebraska with respect to the guidelines issued on March 16, 2020 by the White House to help limit such gatherings, to 10 people or less for 15 days (thus limiting potential exposure to COVID-19).

Therefore, the guidance applies to the time period of March 16-31, 2020. Additional guidance is provided for school closures. These recommendations are intended for organizers and staff responsible for planning events with numerous people in attendance (more than 10 people). One critically important way to slow the spread of respiratory viral infections, like COVID-19, is to reduce close contact (increasing social distancing). For the period from March 16-31, 2020, it is critical that: Social gatherings be limited to 10 or less people. Scheduled events will need to be modified, cancelled, or postponed.”

·  Nothing is more important to us here at Liewer Funeral Homes than the health and safety of the families and communities that we serve.  We will continue to provide services at this time, but we will modify formats to ensure that no gathering (funeral service, memorial service, visitation, viewing or graveside service) is greater than 10 people.

·  We will work with each church and their specific set of standards during this time.

·  When internet is available; we have the ability to live-stream services on our web page at no charge to the family.

·  This is an uncertain time and we will continue to keep our communities informed on what steps we are taking to continue to provide services while adhering to the limitations of the state and federal governments.